Our Mission

We want to make web development easier and unify the process of setting up high performance development environments for all platforms. Get in touch with us!

Check out our Projects

We have a variety of Projects, that may support the way you Develop your Projects!

Vagrant Docker VM

The WebDevOps Vagrant Docker VM is a powerful prebuilt Development VM Setup to get you started with everything you need working with our Docker Boilerplates or other Docker containers.

PHP Docker Boilerplate

The PHP Docker Boilerplate is a highly configurable and prebuilt Docker-Compose Setup, which helps you to get any PHP project up and running including MySQL, Solr and other services.

TYPO3 Docker Boilerplate

The TYPO3 Docker Boilerplate is a highly configurable and prebuilt Docker-Compose setup, specialy designed to get TYPO3 projects up and running with MySQL and preconfigured TYPO3 Solr instance.

Samson Deployment

Build and deploy your applications with our preconfigured ZendDesk Samson docker containers with the full power of Ansible Ansitrano, Grunt, Gulp and other tools.

What we do

We provide OpenSource solutions for web developers and provide tools for better Development. Our solutions are meant to be easy to use but still provide a huge flexibility to fit almost any web project. You can use our solutions for learning, your private projects or even as your default development setup in your company.

Our supporters

We want to thank our supporters that help us to keep this project alive.