Layout changes for webdevops/php* docker images

This weekend we’ve pushed new Docker images to Docker hub with updated layout for webdevops/phpwebdevops/php-apache and webdevops/php-nginx. With this updated images all configuration files are the same for different distributions (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu) and also for the PHP 7 container.


Configuration file Description 
 /opt/docker/etc/php/fpm/php-fpm.conf PHP-FPM daemon configuration
 /opt/docker/etc/php/fpm/pool.d/application.conf PHP-FPM pool configuration
 /opt/docker/etc/php/php.ini php.ini for cli and FPM


We’ve also added tests in our Docker testsuite to ensure that eg. /opt/docker/etc/php/php.ini will be included in PHP-cli and PHP-FPM. As example the webdevops/php-apache image is checked with over 300 assertions.

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