Improvements for Dockerfiles and Docker boilerplates

We’re currently modularizing and simplifying our Docker images (see our Dockerfile project) and add more tests to also stabilizing all built images.

PHP development Docker images

At this moment there are new images for PHP development (php-dev, php-apache-dev, php-nginx-dev) with following features:

  • Switchable debugger available via environment variable PHP_DEBUGGER
  • Assets/Resource files are delivers without caching to Browser

If you want to split php and webserver for development there are also images available for Apache and Nginx.

PHP 7  for Debian 8 and Debian 9 (testing)

Currently there is an upstream bug inside Debian which results in crashing PHP with segfaults when using prce or MySQL connections. The bug is inside pcre module for PHP and needs to be fixed from Debian.

We’re switched from dotdeb, which has the same pcre module version, to sury to get a running Debian 8 image with PHP 7. As drawback there is no xdebug for this image.

Debian 9 (testing) is still unstable.


We switched from GitHub markdown to ReadTheDocs for our project documentation and started to improve it. The result can be found on our documentation page.

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