Based on the webdevops/base image we’ve add PHP as cli and fpm service fully preconfigured.

PHP 7 is available as webdevops/php:debian8-php7. It includes dotdeb PHP 7 packages.

All php images contains

  • PHP cli
  • PHP FPM (via supervisord)
  • pear
  • composer
  • xdebug (disabled by default)
  • imagemagick
  • graphicsmagick

webdevops/php-apache and webdevops/php-nginx

Based on the webdevops/php image we’ve add also a fully configured Apache or Nginx for running PHP web applications.

webdevops/hhvm (and webdevops/hhvm-*)

Also based on the webdevops/base image there is an running standalone hhvm or with Apache/Nginx available. It’s a drop in replacement for the webdevops/php* images.